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Awara Mattress

Updated January 2023
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Awara Mattress
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period365-Night Trial
Organic luxury hybrid mattress
  • Premium natural materials
  • Rainforest Alliance certified natural Dunlop latex
  • 10 trees planted with every mattress sold
$799 Off! $300 Off + $499 In Accessories Incl.


  • It’s given that latex offers more bounce than memory foam or polyfoam. That’s why you can expect average motion isolation from the Awara Mattress, thanks to the latex and the individually-wrapped coils that absorb motion well.
  • Mattresses made using latex usually come with a longer life expectancy as compared to others, and the Awara Mattress is no exception. As this mattress features Dunlop latex and a support core of pocketed coils, it is expected to last for a good seven to eight years.
  • The Awara comes with solid edge support, which is on par with most of the hybrid mattresses out there.
  • Although Awara’s pocketed coils offer quiet usage, they still produce some sound. So, if you searching for a completely noise-free design, you may have to look elsewhere.
  • Awara provides a Forever Warranty, which is non-prorated. The company will replace a defective model free of cost during the first ten years of ownership. After this period, Awara will either repair/re-cover or replace the mattress at no cost, if it is defective. However, if the company finds no defect, then the owners will be charged a flat $100 transportation fee.
  • As with most of the luxury mattress brands, Awara offers a generous sleep trial of 365 nights, which begins after a 30-day break-in period.

Firmness & Feel

Awara is a medium-firm hybrid mattress with a 6.5 on the firmness scale. However, some Awara mattress reviews suggest that this mattress is slightly firmer than the company states. It features natural materials that provide the support your body needs without the earth-harming chemicals. Because Awara is made from organic materials, such as Dunlop latex and organic wool, the mattress is exceptionally soft to the touch. According to Awara reviews, this bed is likely not a good fit for sleepers who prefer a soft mattress. Despite this, it is a highly comfortable mattress that you can feel good about purchasing. Latex beds are typically slightly firmer than other materials, which is true for Awara. 

The coils are well-covered by a thick layer of plush and dense foam. This ensures that you won’t feel the uncomfortable innersprings throughout the night. 


The Awara rates high for sexual performance, temperature regulation, and edge support. However, it isn’t as successful for motion transfer. Because the Awara is made out of latex and coils, it poorly isolates motion. This results in potential sleep disturbances for those that sleep with a restless pet or partner. Though the Awara doesn’t perform well with motion isolation, it is highly rated in other categories. The poor motion transfer and innerspring foundation result in an impressive bounce. This actually results in an exceptional mattress for sexual performance. The Awara is a good investment if that is a high priority. 

This mattress also provides above-average temperature regulation. The organic materials and pocketed coils do an excellent job of controlling temperature and keeping you cool throughout the night. The innersprings allow for impressive airflow, and they wick heat away from the body. 

Due to the sturdy foundation and strong perimeter, Awara also rates well for edge support. If you prefer sleeping near the side of the bed, you won’t have to worry about it sagging. This bed is also extremely easy to exit in the mornings. The edge support allows buyers to enjoy every inch of this mattress. 

Construction & Design

The Awara is designed using high-quality natural materials. This mattress doesn’t have any memory foam, chemical fire retardants, chemical adhesives, or synthetic foam within it. Instead, the brand used natural Dunlop latex and organic wool. Dunlop latex is ethically sourced from real rubber trees from the rainforest. The 100% organic wool is sourced from happy, thriving sheep from New Zealand. You’ll also find mindfully harvested organic cotton.. All these materials can provide peace of mind for those purchasing Awara mattresses. 

The Awara mattress has a plush euro top made exclusively from cotton and organic wool. This topper is incredibly soft and welcoming. The second layer softens the eight inches of premium individually-wrapped coils. This layer is followed by four inches of breathable and natural Dunlop latex that contours to the body while providing support. 

Sleeping Positions

According to Awara reviews, this mattress provides support and stability for side sleepers. However, many buyers explain that the bed didn’t have enough contour or comfort for side sleepers. Side sleepers will likely benefit from a softer mattress. Because the Awara bed doesn’t perform well with motion isolation, it isn’t an excellent option for people who have restless partners or pets. However, this is a great choice for hot sleepers. 

Value for your Money

Sleeping on a mattress that offers excellent value for its price is everyone’s dream. The Awara Mattress, with its organic latex and springs, is an excellent product for those who want a premium bed for a luxurious and more restful night’s sleep and its hybrid design and high-quality, natural materials justify the price point. The Awara is a good investment if you are looking for a firm hybrid mattress. 


Awara mattress reviews are happy with the brand's overall customer service. Awara goes above and beyond when it comes to a satisfaction guarantee. Buyers get a 365-night trial with free returns and a Forever Warranty. Shipping is also extremely fast, and you can receive your mattress in just 1-3 days. 

The Mattress Verdict

Coolness, firmness, bounce, and comfort – the Awara Mattress checks it all. This hybrid mattress is made with natural, non-toxic ingredients and is free from chemical adhesives and chemical fire retardants too. If you are looking for an all-natural mattress constructed with Dunlop latex rather than synthetic and natural latex foam, the Awara Mattress will be a great addition to your bedding. One of the main selling features of this mattress brand is the all-natural materials. This is the way to go if you value minimizing your economic footprint and supporting conscientious brands.



  • Wicks away moisture and provides a cool sleep
  • Good for people with weight over 130 pounds
  • Gives a bouncy feel
  • All-natural materials


  • Not good for lighter weight sleepers
  • Doesn’t offer a soft feel
$799 Off! $300 Off + $499 In Accessories Incl.

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