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Brooklyn Bedding

Updated January 2023
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Brooklyn Bedding
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
Luxury design with advanced cooling technology
  • Multiple firmness options
  • Cooling gel delivers relief for hot sleepers
  • Contours to body for ultimate comfort
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  • The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a 13” hybrid mattress made in the US.
  • This mattress is offered in 3 firmness levels each targeting specific users: soft (5), medium (6.5) and firm (8).
  • Its 5-layer construction consists of several foam technologies and individually pocketed coils.
  • The design and choice of materials make it one of the best cooling mattresses online.
  • The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is a bed-in-a-box mattress. It’s shipped in a box to your doorstep free of charge.
  • When you buy the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora, you get a 120-night trial period with free returns plus a 10-year warranty.

Firmness & Feel

The Brooklyn Aurora is a hybrid mattress with three different firmness options. It is a 13” tall mattress with six layers that add to the softness of the mattress. The soft option falls between a 2 and 4 on the firmness scale. This is much softer than other competitors on the market. It will give you an “in-the-mattress” experience that hugs your curves. 

The medium firmness option falls between a 5-6 on the firmness scale. The medium option is perfect for partners that can’t agree on a bed softness, as it is mid-line. It is the perfect balance of support and comfort. You’ll feel as though you’re “on-the-mattress”. 

Lastly, the firm option is a seven on the firmness scale. It is excellent for those who sleep on their backs. It will provide the necessary support and stability for those who suffer from a sore back, as it has additional lumbar support. 

According to Brooklyn Aurora reviews, all firmness options provide premium comfort and a fantastic sleeping experience. The ability to customize your firmness level is perfect for getting a high-quality mattress that suits your needs. 


Brooklyn mattress reviews rate this bed high for performance. However, there were some critiques of it. Brooklyn mattress reviews applauds this bed for its comfort and ability to relieve pressure on joints. The motion transfer that this bed offers is quite impressive. You can sleep soundly as your partner or pets get settled in. 

One area where this mattress rated poorly based on reviews on Brooklyn mattresses is edge support. There is not as much reinforcement on the edges as in other competitors. When rolling off the bed, you might find that the sides sink underneath body weight. 

The Aurora bed does offer incredible cooling technology, including a cooling cover, cooling foams, and breathable coils. This will allow you to stay cool, even when you sleep next to someone who radiates a lot of heat in their sleep. 

Construction & Design

Brooklyn is known for their impressive construction and design. The Aurora mattress was engineered one layer at a time for a thoughtful bed. Six layers add to the overall experience of the mattress. 

  • The top weave is made of GlacioTex, which provides cooling benefits for a cooler night’s sleep. It is followed by 1.5” of Copperflex foam. This is antibacterial, cooling, and water-based. It will draw heat away from the body to cool you down as you sleep. This layer is followed by a 2” premium memory foam which offers a cloud-like feeling. It will also contour your body as you shift throughout the evening. 
  • The last two layers are 1” gel swirl memory foam and the 8” zoned coil core. Up to 1032 Ascension-encased coils provide the necessary support and cooling that your body needs. 


Sleeping Positions


The Brooklyn claims the firmest level is suitable for both stomach and back sleepers, and the softest level is perfect for side sleepers. The ability to customize your firmness level is excellent, as you can find the ideal mattress to meet your needs. 

Brooklyn mattress reviews suggest that this bed is great for side sleepers. It offers the right amount of contour. Furthermore, it is softer than a lot of other competitors. This will be ideal for those who like to feel hugged by their mattress. 

Although they recommend the firm option for stomach sleepers, Brooklyn bed reviews suggest that this option isn’t firm enough to provide the support that stomach sleepers need. Despite this, reviews still recommend it for back sleepers and side sleepers. 

The Brooklyn Aurora is a great bed for those who get hot while they sleep or have an active partner or pets throughout the night. The motion transfer is quite good. 


Value for your Money

Considering Brooklyn’s good reputation in the industry, the price point associated with these mattresses is quite good. While on sale, you can get a California king for just under $1800. It’s best to wait for deals, as they come up frequently. 

Brooklyn also offers RV beds for a standard-size motorhome or trailer. This is not common with high-quality mattress brands. The price will only change depending on the mattress size and not the firmness level. 

Overall, Brooklyn Aurora hybrid mattress reviews suggest that this bed is a good option for its price point. This is a great choice if you want to invest in a durable, long-term mattress. 


Brooklyn mattress purchases come with a 120-night trial and free shipping and returns. Though the trial period is shorter than some competitors, it is still long enough to decide whether you’re happy with your purchase. The ability to return the mattress free of charge if you’re unsatisfied only adds to their guarantee. 

Brooklyn reviews suggest that the company is easy to deal with, and their response time is quick. 

The Mattress Verdict

Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress gets an A from us. Although it’s not exactly a budget pick, this is an affordable luxury mattress with a unique approach on how to create a comfortable and cooling sleeping surface.  Our favorite part about this mattress is its multiple cooling features. By combining Phase Change Material with a cooling cover and a coil system, we feel the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora really solves the problem of heat retention that plagues most mattresses today.  Its three firmness options are a unique selling proposition for this mattress too. If you’re tired of forcing yourself into a mattress firmness level that doesn’t feel perfect for you, we think the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora hybrid mattress has a solution for you.



  • Great mattress for all body types
  • Plenty of cooling features
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive (above $1000)
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