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Cocoon Mattress

Updated January 2023
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Cocoon Mattress
IconFree ShippingUSA
IconTrial Period100-Night Trial
IconWarranty10 Years
Proprietary advanced technology for a cooler sleep.
  • Coils transfer less motion without squeaking
  • Premium cover infused with a proprietary technology that absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Edge-to-edge support makes mattress feel big
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  • The Cocoon Chill is a 10-inch tall, all-foam mattress.
  • As a bed-in-a-box style mattress, it’s shipped free of charge in an easily movable box.
  • Its construction comprises 3 layers of foam, including memory foam and poly foam.
  • This mattress is designed with hot sleepers in mind. Its cover is infused with a cooling technology that dissipates heat.
  • The new Cocoon Chill now comes in only one firmness level that caters to all types of sleepers
  • side, stomach, and back.
  • The manufacturer covers your purchase with a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Firmness & Feel

The Cocoon Classic by Sealy is a customizable mattress that allows you to choose your support level. The Cocoon Classic is a four-feature mattress known for its high-quality memory foam that contours to your body to provide a good night’s sleep. Opt between a Soft or Firm feel depending on the amount of support you want as you sleep.

Based on Cocoon mattress reviews, this mattress offers personalized comfort. The Soft option is characterized as providing an “in-the-bed” cozy and welcoming feeling. Alternatively, the Firm option is more supportive of an “on-the-bed” experience. Cocoon reviews suggest that the surface of this mattress is exceptional. 

The Soft option falls between a 3 to a 7 on the firmness scale. It is a popular option according to the reviews on Cocoon mattress. The Firm option is sturdier and denser. 


Performance matters! When buying a mattress, you want to know that it will be long-lasting and durable. Cocoon bed reviews suggest that this mattress achieves this. Cocoon boasts its hassle-free setup, and Cocoon mattress reviews supports this claim. This is a bed-in-a-box that is extremely easy to set up. The box is easily transported and comfortable to carry at 15” x 15” x 44”. There are convenient handles on either side for moving. 

Cocoon reviews claim that this mattress will stand the test of time and quickly bounce back to its original sleep. Get that new mattress feel after even months of sleeping in it!

Construction & Design

Sealy has been in the mattress industry for 130 years. Their expertise, manufacturing, and mattress technology are unmatched. Their introduction of Cocoon has extended their contributions to the market. 

The Cocoon mattress provides better sleep with a 10” bed made solely of memory foam. When designing the Cocoon, it needed to provide superior support while offering comfort regardless of sleep position. 

  • The Cocoon is known for its four features. The features are as follows:
  • Premium fabric cover. This layer is made with spun poly fibers for a buttery-soft feel and breathable texture
  • Memory foam. Cocoon uses the highest-quality memory foam to provide support with comfort. 
  • Personalized comfort. Choose between Soft or Firm. 
  • Support foam. Foam that bounces back after every use/ 

Choose between Soft and Firm, which will determine how much you sink into the bed. With Soft, you will feel hugged by your mattress. It is a plusher feel with slightly less support. Firm is sturdy and will provide the support you need on your joints.

Sleeping Positions


Cocoon provides two different firmness levels, which allows you to find the option that will best complement your sleep style. Side sleepers often fair well with a softer mattress, meaning the Cocoon Soft is a better option. The softer mattress helps relieve pressure on hips and shoulders. 

Back and stomach sleepers often require more support, which makes the Cocoon Firm a great purchase. Firm mattresses provide a more even surface, which allows for more comfortable and restful sleep. 

Thankfully, the Cocoon mattress will cater to any sleeper. Simply choose the firmness option that best accommodates your needs. 


Value for your Money

The Cocoon mattress reviews provide insight into whether this mattress is worth the investment. The price doesn’t change depending on the firmness selection you choose. A king-size bed will run $1199, while a twin will cost $699. There are some incentives, such as receiving $200 off your Cocoon Classic. 

The Cocoon reviews explain that the price tag is worth the mattress's performance. This mid-point mattress provides excellent support and comfort without breaking the bank. If you want to save money, you can opt for the Cocoon Essential, an 8” memory foam mattress. This mattress typically runs $100 cheaper than the Classic mattress. 


Unfortunately, the Cocoon mattress doesn't come with the same guarantee as its competitors. There is a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. Some competitors have 365-day trial periods, so this one is shorter. However, Cocoon bed reviews explain that the company is easy to work with if you're not completely satisfied with its product. 

If you are unsatisfied, Cocoon will refund you (except for shipping fees). Cocoon will donate used mattresses, a nice incentive to try their product. 

The Mattress Verdict

The Sealy brand is known for its quality bedroom products, and this has been translated nicely into the new Cocoon Chill mattress. This is a mattress that pretty much anyone who loves the cradling feel of memory foam will love. While it’s not the best memory foam for super-hot sleepers, the PCM material infused in its cover puts it ahead of other memory foam mattresses in terms of temperature management.



  • Cooling cover minimizes the issue of heat retention
  • Great motion isolation
  • Affordable price & financing


  • Below average edge support
  • Possibility of off-gassing after unpacking
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