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Layla Mattress

Updated January 2023
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Layla Mattress
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IconTrial Period120-Night Trial
Flippable bed featuring both a “Soft” and “Firm” side
  • Flippable mattress offers two levels of firmness
  • Cooling copper memory foam
  • Support, especially for those with a larger frame
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  • The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is known for its fantastic motion transfer on both sides, which makes it a worthy investment for couples and co-sleepers.
  • With premium materials and dense support core, this Layla mattress should last for a good seven to eight years.
  • Being an all-foam mattress, this one does a fair job but doesn’t excel in terms of providing edge support. On the soft side, it does sink more than what’s expected when you sit near the perimeter. That said, the firm side doesn’t sink much but doesn’t feel too secure either. So, if you are looking for incredible edge support from your mattress, look elsewhere.
  • The Layla Memory Foam Mattress is virtually silent, just like most of the all-foam mattresses out there.
  • Layla gives an entirely non-prorated lifetime warranty for this mattress.
  • The company provides a 120-night sleep trial with a two-week break-in period.

Firmness & Feel

The Layla mattress has the unique feature of being flippable. One side of the mattress is firm, whereas the other side of the bed is soft. This allows you to choose the side that best fits your needs. 

According to Layla, the soft side of the mattress is a four on the firmness scale. The firm side is a seven on the firmness scale. However, some reviews suggest that this is slightly off. Layla mattress reviews indicate that the soft side is more like a 5.5, and the firm side is more of a 7.5. Regardless, this allows you to opt for whatever side works. Layla recommends the soft side for side sleepers and the firm side for those that sleep on their stomachs or back. 

The Layla mattress is an all-memory foam mattress. It has no springs, which will keep most people extremely comfortable. 


Layla bed reviews suggest that this mattress performs best for lightweight sleepers. Overall, it performs pretty well. It helps to alleviate pain in joints. The firm side is excellent for keeping your spine aligned as you sleep. 

Layla mattress reviews suggests that this bed has impressive motion isolation. In fact, some reviews even say it is one of the best on the market. Sleeping with a restless partner won’t feel much of their movements throughout the night. 

The Layla comes copper-infused. This technology helps to cool the bed by dissipating body heat. Layla reviews suggest that the cooling abilities of this mattress are decent, despite the airflow not being as good. 

One of the most unique features of the Layla is the copper infusion. Copper is an antimicrobial property. It will help keep the bed hygienic for sleeping. Over time, mattresses build up bacteria and germs. With Layla, you can feel more peace of mind as you sleep. 

Construction & Design

The Layla mattress is made out of CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam. It has cooling covers on both sides that are extremely plush and inviting. Under the cooling covers, you will find copper-gel memory foam on both sides. This memory foam will differ in firmness depending on the side you opt for. It is antimicrobial and provides rapid cooling effects. 

The middle two layers of the Layla mattress are both support foam. This will help isolate movement, keep the mattress sturdy, and add to cooling benefits. Reviews on the Layla mattress suggest that it is designed quite well and will last years. 

Sleeping Positions

The Layla mattress is a one-size-fits-all option due to the double-sided feature. The soft side will be perfect if you are a side sleeper and require more body contouring. The soft side will mesh with your curves and provide the pressure relief your knees and shoulders need. 

Furthermore, the firm side is great for both stomach and back sleepers. It is substantially firm and supportive. This is perfect for people who suffer from back pain as well. 

Layla reviews suggest that this mattress is best for lightweight sleepers. Heavyweight sleepers may require a little more support and bounce than the Layla. Furthermore, other competitors can typically provide more cooling technology. 

Value for your Money

The Layla bed is priced extremely fairly. Prices range between $749 to $1249. Furthermore, the company includes two free pillows with any mattress purchase. Over all, the Layla mattress is at a good midline price point. If you want a high-quality mattress without breaking the bank, this is a good option.


Layla has a good guarantee with their mattress purchases. A 120-night trial gives you ample time to try out both sides of the mattress. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty. If there are any manufacturer defects, you can quickly return the bed. 

The Mattress Verdict

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress has been around for a while now. But the enthusiasm for its flippable firmness is still there. With one side that provides a softer feel and the other side that offers a firmer feel, it gives the best of both worlds to its users.



  • Sleeps cool
  • Fits most sleeping positions
  • Different firmness in one mattress


  • Doesn't have a bouncy feel
  • Isn't suitable for heavy people
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