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Siena Mattress

Updated January 2023
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Siena Mattress
IconFree Shipping& Returns
IconTrial Period180-Nights
IconWarranty10 Years
High value comfort at a low price.
  • Award winning budget mattress starting at $299
  • Gel memory foam layer helps wick away excess body heat
  • Supports proper spinal alignment
$200 Off Memory Foam Mattress


  • The Siena is a three-layer, 10-inch tall memory foam mattress. A 10-inch thick mattress is ideal for multiple sleeping positions, including stomach sleeping, because it doesn’t allow a lot of sinking.
  • Its construction design comprises a gel-infused memory foam layer on top of two layers of poly foam. The three layers are held together in a non-removable soft and comfy cover.
  • The Siena memory foam mattress is medium-firm and scores a 6.5 on the 10-point mattress firmness scale. That suggests that the bed can provide universal comfort and support for most sleepers.
  • Considering its all-foam construction and medium-firmness feel, the Siena memory foam scores high marks on motion isolation. That’s a biggie for couples.
  • The Siena memory foam mattress performs well on pressure relief. It will most likely make an incredible choice for people with back, neck and shoulder pains.
  • The Siena memory is one of the most affordable memory foam mattresses to buy online. If you wish to have the memory foam experience without busting your wallet, this could be it.

Firmness & Feel

Based on the Siena mattress reviews, this bed is designed to provide comfort that will keep you asleep longer and provide you with a more restful night. The memory foam is specifically made to balance pressure relief with ease. The technology helps users toss and turn less throughout the night, so they report better sleep based on reviews of the Siena mattress. 

The Siena falls perfectly at a 6.5 rating on the firmness scale. This is directly in between its 10" mattress competitors, Casper (which is a 7 for firmness) and Tuft & Needle (which is a 6). The Siena mattress is made out of a 3-layer memory foam.


The Siena mattress is designed by Nectar, a bed brand that falls at a steeper price point. The Siena offers an ideal experience without splurging. Many Siena mattress reviews boast about the comfort of this bed; However, some suggest that it isn't exceptionally long-lasting or durable. 

Unlike some of its competitors, Siena doesn't have the same airflow technology. This bed won't be as cooling as other higher-priced mattresses for sleepers that find they get warm throughout the night. 

If you sleep with a restless person or pet, you will want to invest in a bed that isolates motion and has minimal motion transfer. Siena bed reviews suggest that this mattress doesn't perform as well in that category as some competitors. Despite these downfalls, the price of this bed makes it an excellent option for those on a budget. 

Construction & Design

The Siena mattress is another 10" tall option on the market. It features a breathable cover that doesn't add heat to the bed but won't necessarily cool. There are three layers of memory foam: the body-adapting foam, the transition layer, and the high-density base foam. 

The body-adapting memory foam works to contour to the body. This provides support for side sleeping. At only a 6.5 on the firmness scale, you'll feel as though you're sleeping inside the mattress, opposed to on top of it. You will sink into the mattress for a pressure-relieving experience. 

The support layer consists of 2" of dense polyfoam. This allows for some breathability before you get to the final layer of high-density base foam. This offers the support that your muscles and joints will need. 

Siena mattress reviews suggest that the construction and design are both impressive, considering the price point. 

Sleeping Positions


The Siena mattress appeals to a smaller demographic than some of its competitors. It's a better fit for lightweight sleepers that are below 230 pounds. It is perfect for side sleepers, as it's not an overly firm mattress. The slow-moving foam does provide some pressure relief. 

One Siena review recommends that heavy-weight people, stomach sleepers, or back sleepers opt for a firmer mattress with better edge support. The 6.5 firmness will make stomach and back sleepers sink into the bed, which will cause lower back pain over time. 


Value for your Money

Siena is one of the more inexpensive mattresses on our list. However, it is best suited for lightweight side sleepers. Despite its limitations, Siena mattress reviews suggest that it offers good value for money. 

The Siena mattress ranges from $299 for a twin to $599 for a king or California king. Buyers can expect this mattress to last about five years, which makes the investment decent. Foundations, frames, and headboards are available to provide additional mattress support and help it last longer. 


There is a 180-day at-home trial as your guarantee of purchase. You can try this mattress out for over half a year. Siena reviews suggest that returning this mattress is hassle-free and easy. Returns are also free. 

Siena offers a convenient 10-year warranty. You have an entire decade where your investment is protected. 

The Mattress Verdict

If you’ve followed this Siena memory foam mattress to this point, we bet you can tell what we think about this bed. In our opinion, this is a great bed, especially for first-time memory foam buyers who aren’t sure what to expect and people on a tight budget. Despite its low price tag, the Siena is a great mattress for different sleepers because it balances nicely conforming memory foam with supportive poly foam layers.



  • Comparably inexpensive
  • Fits different sleeping positions
  • 180-Night Home Trial


  • Average edge support
  • Won't last more than 10 years
$200 Off Memory Foam Mattress

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